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Really sorry, but, Like the whole of the UK, we are now closed for any business due to Covid-19. Furthermore, we have decided to stay closed for the rest of the season.

However, this Introduction will give you a feel for what we were about before the global crisis. We hope you will enjoy reading about us and we promise to update the information as soon as things change.

At BRIDGE HOUSE we aim to give you a warm and hospitable Christian welcome, for whatever reason you come. We believe that God has made us all stewards of His creation, and given us all the responsibility to care for and share all good things. This is a part of the good news of peace with God through Jesus Christ, His son.


Bridge House 

We hope that at Bridge House we will offer you a place of warm Christian hospitality. We follow the prayer offices of the Northumbria Community, of which we are companions. Morning Prayer (about 9:00am), Midday Prayer (12 noon) Evening Prayer and Compline (times vary). You are welcome to join us for these Offices, but recommend that you contact us first to confirm times. At midday on Wednesdays (midweek) every week we follow a simple communion service to which you may simply turn-up, though again a phone call might prevent a waisted journey if we happen to have been distracted. We try to make ourselves available for people most of the day. If you would like prayer, a sympathetic ear, spiritual direction or just the chance to get away to the quiet of our grounds just contact us and we should be able to help.


Snack Shop and Brigid's Kitchen Tea Rooms

brigids-kitchenThe Tea Room
Brigid's Kitchen Tea Room has taken on a new format: Help Yourself. You will find tea and coffee making things in the shop and usually cake of some kind. Soft drinks and confectioary are also available. Just pop in, help yourself and leave the money, then either sit in the tea room or garden or take away. More information will be posted as things develop.

Bed & Breakfast and Retreat facilities

We have one double (which may be single occupancy) and one triple (which may be configured as single, double, twin, double and single, or triple) en-suite bedrooms, both of which are available for B&B guests or for residential retreat guests. In addition we have bedrooms which can be available for residential retreat guests who are willing to live more in community with us and share in the working of the house (not quite as posh as the other rooms!!). Please contact us if you are interested in any of the accommodation we offer.


Camping and Caravans

We have set apart about an acre of our meadow for caravans and campers. We are able to offer off grid facilities within 50 yards of the camping area or regulat mains facilities by the House. We have a five van licence and are restricted 15 other units so it is advisable to contact us before arriving to check we have space. We have an On-line booking system so visit the Camping and caravanning page for more details.

Listening Ear to Spiritual Direction

We always try to make time to stop and talk, to met visitors and passers-by. But we also seek to make ourselves more specifically available if necessary. Whether it's just a sympathetic listening ear, or if you are looking for a spiritual director we hope we can help, either ourselves or through our contacts. Philip is a trained Spiritual Director and works in conjunction with the Oxon, Berks and Bucks, Spiritual Directors Network (SPIDIR) and both Philip and Rosemary have been trained in basic listening and counselling skills.

Miscellaneous Other Activities at Bridge House

Rosemary tells the story of a visit by the Grayson family to the outer Hebrides. One day a visit to the Post Office was called for to collect the Family Allowance. The approach to the building, a small White House I believe, was inauspicious apart from the fact that there was no-one there. The Post Office counter was there, and open, but unattended. The small village store, which this building doubled as was similarly unattended. Several minutes later the "Post Master" appeared, having seen them arrive and walked in from his croft where he had been working. You see this man was not only the Post Master but also the shop keeper, the general supplier of miscellaneous goods and he and his wife no doubt made tweed and knitted sweaters when they weren't tending the animals, or the children or a myriad other jobs that they combined to make up their lifestyle.

We are a bit like this at Bridge House and listed below are a number of other things we "do" which may interest you. Do visit our "Other Activities " page for a little more detail, but contact us direct if you think we may be able to help your particular need.

  • "Sow's Ear" Barn Dance Band.
  • Catering for small functions.
  • Story Telling.
  • Work experience.
  • Smallholding visits.

In addition, we hold a variety of occasional events, courses and activities from time to time on a whole range of topics.  See our "Events and Happenings" page for more details.


(Revised 10 June 2020)