Other Activites

There's a whole host of stuff which we are willing to put our hand to, which we enjoy doing and which others have found useful. The list below is not extensive so if you have a need which is even vaguely connected to any of these, do contact us direct and we may be able to help you, or if not we may even know a man who can..

An assortment of friends enjoy playing together as a barn dance band. We began by arranging self-help entertainment for our own children's weddings, but were surprised that some of the invited guests invited us to play for their own functions. It is common knowledge that "you can't make a silk purse out of a sows ear" so you can tell from our name where we place ourselves in the continuum of barn dance professionals. We have a varied and growing repertoire and have even been know to learn "favourites" for particular groups. We charge approx. £300 plus expenses dependent upon how big a band we get together. Did you know that barn Dancing has been scientifically proven to be one of the most holistically beneficial forms of entertainment. We'd be happy to give you that experience.

Part of our Celtic Christian heritage embraces the value of Storytelling as an art form, a teaching medium and an entertainment. We would only consider ourselves as novices but we enjoy it. We would be happy to consider meeting with any group in any context and share some Stories.